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Colli-Pee: An innovative urinomics solution for non-invasive sample collection

Colli-Pee® is a patented, award-winning device that efficiently and hygienically captures urine.

The Colli-Pee® platform offers improved diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort compared to a regular urine cup. The platform consists of variants capturing a range of urine volumes (4 mL to 45 mL*) for different application purposes. 

The device is user-friendly, non-invasive and can be used independently by a patient at home. Several studies have highlighted that self-sampling methods, such as urine collection can help reach a wider population especially high-risk individuals that are reluctant to access traditional sexually transmitted infections (STI) health services or cancer screening programs.

Colli-Pee Spec Sheet

*Some Novosanis products are in development or not available in all geographic regions. Contact us to know the registration status in your region.


Colli-Pee Application Areas:


Colli-Pee Small Volumes

Colli-Pee Large Volumes