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Colli-Pee: An innovative solution for non-invasive urine collection and stabilization

Colli-Pee®, the heart of the company, is a patented award-winning urine collection device. Colli-Pee® allows for volumetric and standardized first-void urine collection and stabilization. Urine collected with a Colli-Pee® offers improved diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort compared to a regular urine cup. The platform consists of variants collecting different volumes (4 mL to 40 mL*) for various application purposes.

"Self-collected urine, through a first-void urine collection device, has the potential to increase uptake of cervical cancer screening. Urine collection can be more comfortable and more socially acceptable for some women who are reluctant to perform a vaginal examination”

Prof. Clementina Cocuzza
Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy


How does Colli-Pee work?

Colli-Pee components

  1. Unscrew the tube cap
  2. Screw the collector tube on the Colli-Pee® device
  3. Collect urine. The device will automatically collect the correct volume
  4. Disconnect the connector tube from the Colli-Pee® device
  5. Close the tube tightly, with the tube cap
  6. Dispose the Colli-Pee® and wash your hands



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Colli-Pee 20mL Colli-Pee Small Volumes

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Benefits of urine sampling with Colli-Pee

Urine sampling offers several benefits, however, not all urine fractions are the same. First-void urine is generally considered the first 20mL to 30mL of urine flow. This fraction contains higher concentrations of analytes associated with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) DNA than subsequent fractions. Additionally, first-void urine sampling is important to identify cancer biomarkers, such as prostate cancer.

Collecting a first-void urine sample with a standard urine cup can be awkward, messy and inconvenient for the user. For this reason, Novosanis developed Colli-Pee®.

Read more about the importance of first-void urine collectionColli-Pee benefits

Urine stability

Urinary analytes are susceptible to enzymatic and chemical degradation. Additionally, in the time between urine collection and processing, analytes can be degraded. Consequently, methods to stabilize urine samples are necessary. The Colli-Pee® device architecture enables immediate mixing of the sample with a urine preservative, improving stability of the urine specimen.

Colli-Pee® can be prefilled with Novosanis’ UCM, to allow preservation of DNA in urine. Colli-Pee containing UCM has been CE-IVD marked, and has been registered in several countries outside of Europe.

To extend the preservation coverage to other analytes (RNA, EV, cfDNA) a new preservative, UAS has been developed. UAS will be available in early 2022 in a Large Volumes format for research use only (RUO). Contact us to know more.

Optimal preservative to sample ratio depends on the type of preservative.
Our data shows:

  • UCM - 1:3 Preservative to sample ratio for optimal preservation performance
  • UAS - 2:5 Preservative to sample ratio for optimal preservation performance 

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Volume variants

Colli-Pee 20 mLColli-Pee 20 mL

Colli-Pee® 20 mL allows for standardized and volumetric urine collection of the first 20mL of urine flow. This has applications in infectious diseases and oncology. Collector tubes can be pre-filled with a preservative for different urinary analytes, improving transport and storage of urine at room temperature.

Download Colli-Pee Spec Sheet

Data sheet - Colli-Pee 20 mL  

Data sheet - Colli-Pee 20 mL with UCM


Colli-Pee 10 mL

Colli-Pee Small Volumes

Colli-Pee® Small Volumes tubes are compatible with high-throughput instruments and can streamline the pre-analytical process, shorten turnaround time, minimize errors as well as reduce costs. Collector tubes can be pre-filled with a preservative for different urinary analytes, improving transport and storage of urine at room temperature.

Download Colli-Pee Small Volumes Flyer

Data Sheet - Colli-Pee Small Volumes

Data Sheet - Colli-Pee Small Volumes with UCM


Colli-Pee 45 mL

Colli-Pee Large Volumes

For detection and monitoring of cancers, as well as new biomarker development, a larger volume of urine can be required. Additionally, Colli-Pee® Large Volumes supports multi-omics research. Collector tubes can be pre-filled with a preservative for different urinary analytes, improving transport and storage of urine at room temperature.

Currently, the Colli-Pee Large Volumes variant is available for research use only.

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Home-based collection kits

Novosanis is working on Colli-Pee® in a box for easy home-based urine collection. The kit allows postal delivery at home, next to postal shipment of the urine sample to the lab.

Discover more about Colli-Pee in a box for home collection


*Some Novosanis products are in development or not available in all geographic regions. Contact us to know the registration status in your region.