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Who is novosanis

Novosanis is a wholly owned subsidiary of OraSure Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: OSUR) and an innovative developer and producer of medical devices improving the quality of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases and oncology.

Colli Pee Novosanis

Improving the quality of diagnostics by volumetric self-sampling of first-void (first catch) urine

Colli-Pee postal kits for home collection

Improving the quality of home-based urine collection by easy self-sampling, alongside postal packaging

Latest news

Winner announcement of EACR & Novosanis Research Grant: Cancer Biomarker Detection in Urine

We are pleased to announce that Dr Barbara Guinn from University of Hull UK is the winner of the EACR & Novosanis Grant for Cancer Biomarker Detection in Urine.

Latest blogpost

Urine as an emerging liquid biopsy for bladder cancer biomarker detection
Given the function of the bladder, and its proximity to the urinary tract, urine as a sample type is particularly attractive as it can contain potential biomarkers for bladder cancer detection.

Upcoming event

ISLB 2021

ISLB 2021

Novosanis is excited to present a booth at ISLB, an international conference focusing on liquid biopsy. The congress takes place virtually on 22 October. Our team is excited to share the potential of urine as a liquid biopsy, especially in the field of oncology, during a presentation at the...