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Who is novosanis

Novosanis is a wholly owned subsidiary of OraSure Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: OSUR) and an innovative developer and producer of medical devices improving the quality of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases and oncology.

Colli Pee Novosanis

Improving the quality of diagnostics by volumetric self-sampling of first-void (first catch) urine

Colli-Pee postal kits for home collection

Improving the quality of home-based urine collection by easy self-sampling, alongside postal packaging

Latest news

Novosanis brings Colli-Pee UAS FV-5040 with CE mark to the market offering a solution for oncology screening

Novosanis has received a CE-mark for their Colli-Pee ® with special preservative solution for oncology research applications.

Latest blogpost

cost of self-sampling using the Colli-Pee™ device
Article by: Sanna Abbasi, PhD Evaluating cost is a critical factor in implementing changes in any national healthcare system. In their recent publication , Dr. Susie Huntington from Aquarius Population Health Limited (London, U.K.) and colleagues from the University of Manchester conducted a major...

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