Colli-Pee and urine stability

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Colli-Pee and urine stability

Colli-Pee allows stabilization of collected urine

Urine contains useful and diagnostically relevant biomarkers to improve detection of infectious diseases, to uncover the molecular landscape of tumors in cancer as well as to research the human microbiome. Urinary analytes are susceptible to enzymatic and chemical degradation, supporting the needs for stabilization agents.

Novosanis offers several preservatives that allow for sample stability next to shipping and storage at room temperature. A preservative would allow for at-home collection and facilitate large-scale recruitment.

Colli-Pee® enables immediate mixing of the first-void urine sample with a preservative, improving stability of the urine specimen. The combination of the Colli-Pee® platform with a preservative for urine stabilization can be game-changing in the field of urine-based diagnostic testing.

Currently, Colli-Pee® can be prefilled with Novosanis’ UCM, to allow preservation of DNA (such as HPV DNA) in urine.

To extend the preservation coverage to other analytes (cfDNA, EV, EV RNA) a new preservative, UAS™ has been developed with our sister company DNA Genotek. Colli-Pee UAS is available in 40 mL large volumes with CE-mark, offering solutions in the field of IVD and oncology research applications, and as a 10 mL small volume for research use only.

Optimal preservative to sample ratio depends on the type of preservative.
Our data shows:

  • UCM - 1:3 Preservative to sample ratio for optimal preservation performance
  • UAS - 2:5 Preservative to sample ratio for optimal preservation performance 


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