Urine as promising biomarker source for cancer detection

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Today, the way many diseases are identified and treated is changing. We are moving from a “one size fits all” medicine to personalized medicine.  Biomarker diagnostics help to target the right medicine to the right patient. Biomarkers can be detected in tissue but very often obtaining enough tissue is an issue.  The use of minimally invasive procedures such as liquid biopsies are gaining interest.

Liquid biopsies are often associated with blood, however, urine is also an emerging and promising liquid biopsy due to the ease of sampling and high acceptability compared to blood and tissue. Most interestingly, a large variety of cancers can be detected in urine. Our Colli-Pee® device allows for standardized and volumetric collection of urine and allows immediate mixing with preservative, allowing several opportunities in cancer research.  

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