First-void urine as an alternative to clinician-collected cervical samples for HPV detection

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Current cervical cancer screening methods, such as Pap smears have limitations, resulting in poor attendance in screening programs. Women would prefer easy, and non-invasive techniques that are not clinician dependent.

Urine as a sample type is well-accepted. Additionally, as Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the most common cause of cervical cancer can be detected in urine, this sample has the potential to reach a wider population, especially women who do not participate in screening.

Novosanis’ Colli-Pee® device allows for standardized, volumetric collection of first-void urine. The device architecture also enables immediate mixing of the sample with a urine preservative, improving the stability of the sample.

Topics include: 

  • Why use first-void urine
  • Limitations with current cervical cancer screening methods
  • Potential of self-sampling methods, including urine sampling
  • Colli-Pee® as a urine collection device


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