When tissue is an issue: urine as a liquid biopsy in oncology screening

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View our latest presentation “Urine as a liquid biopsy for cancer detection (URODETECT)”, by Stephanie Jordaens, our Biomedical Scientist and PhD student, which explores the potential of urine as a sample type in cancer applications.

Her focus is on two common cancers, breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Although liquid biopsies are often associated with blood, urine is an increasingly promising non-invasive sample type for cancer detection. In fact, urine contains several potentially informative biomarkers related to various cancer types, including DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites.

Our Colli-Pee® device enables standardized and volumetric collection of first-void urine and allows immediate mixing with preservative. The device is easy to use, suited for home collection and offers a unique solution for cancer research.