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Who are we:

Novosanis is Belgian-based medical device company. Since 2019, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of OraSure Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: OSUR). Colli-Pee®, the heart of the company, allows volumetric and standardized collection of first-void urine. Urine collection through Colli-Pee® is easy, comfortable and more accurate than a regular urine cup. Additionally, first-void urine collection has shown to improve detection of infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted infections as well as some cancers. Our medical devices aim to meet all regulatory and quality requirements. Novosanis is an ISO13485 certified company endorsed on multiple occasions nationally and internationally for its solutions.

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Novosanis team:

Novosanis has a core team of 20+ members situated at the headquarters in Wijnegem, Belgium. However, our team members are spread across the globe, with presence in the EU (Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, UK), Asia (Japan), and North America (US and Canada). The group consists of range of experts in (bio) medical sciences, product design & development, (biomedical) engineering, sales, business development, marketing, communication, quality & regulatory affairs as well as (clean area) production.

Platforms in our portfolio – A story of multidisciplinary collaborations

We have two device platforms in our portfolio:*

  • Colli-Pee® is a patented platform of self-sampling devices suited for standardized and volumetric collection of urine. The platform consists of variants capturing a range of urine volumes (4 mL to 45 mL*) for different application purposes.
  • VAX-ID is a patented and proven platform of injection devices. The device issuited for accurate drug delivery of therapeutic, prophylactic and allergy drugs and vaccines in the dermal layer of the skin. 

*Some Novosanis products are in development or not available in all geographic regions. Contact us to know the registration status in your region.

The journey of Colli-Pee®

The journey of VAX-ID


Interested to learn more about our journey, our Colli-Pee product, as well as our team? 

Watch our corporate video below.