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infographic Gynecological cancer
The World Health Organization (WHO) envisions a world without cervical cancer. Novosanis supports this goal. Urine sampling for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a common cause of cervical cancer, has the potential to reach more women, especially those who do not participate in traditional screening...
World Go Day Infographic
20 September marks World Gynecologic Oncology Day, a time to raise awareness about gynecological cancers. Early detection is key for prevention and control of many cancer types. Urine can act as a potential sample type to screen more women.
Infographic prostate cancer
June marks Men's Health Month. Urine contains several biomarker candidates for Prostate Cancer (PCa) including prostate cancer cells, DNA, RNA, proteins, exosomes and other small molecules. Download our latest white paper, which gives an in-depth report of the current status and potential of...
Infographic Cervical Cancer
June 15 to 21 marked Cervical Cancer Awareness Week. Check out our latest infographic to learn some quick and interesting facts about cervical cancer. HPV urine sampling can change the way cervical cancer is detected and monitored.