Home-based urine sampling for STIs

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Novosanis attended IUSTI2018 from June 26 to June 30 in Dublin, Ireland. Our Colli-Pee device suited for first-void urine collection allowing for improved detection of STIs was on display at our booth. 

Finding innovative yet effective ways to screen for diseases is becoming increasingly important, especially to meet the growing health requirements of the world’s population. Digital and online technologies, often termed eHealth are gaining interest as they provide an alternative method of health care-delivery, which is more accessible, cost effective and convenient than traditional approaches.

Several of the sessions at IUSTI covered (home-based) self-sampling and eHealth and urine is for sure a sample type that is easy to collect especially when using the Colli-Pee device. First-void urine is used for STI detection using molecular diagnostics, including detection of CT/NG and MGen.

One area where eHealth initiatives have great potential is in the detection of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like Chlamydia. Chlamydia is a common STI that primarily affects individuals between the ages 16 and 24. In most cases, the infection does not present any obvious symptoms, and disappears naturally over time. However, untreated and repeated infections, can have serious health implications.

Consequently, regular testing especially for young, sexually active people is essential to prevent complications and further disease transmission. However, in many cases, this population is rather reluctant to access traditional STI health services. A recent study by Estcourt et al, 2017 explored the potential of eHealth in providing an alternative way for the management of patients with Chlamydia. As young people often engage more frequently with new technologies, internet-based testing, including home collection, is a promising game-changing approach to target this group.

Importantly, results by De Baetselier et al, 2017 showed that Chlamydia detection through the Colli-Pee outperforms detection by regular urine cups. Novosanis is working on its next-generation Colli-Pee that will be fully optimized for home-based sampling and distribution via online STI platforms to end-users. Live testing will kick-off this Summer.

Colli-Pee clearly offers a solution for eHealth applications and use in online platforms offering home-based STI testing.