On the cover of UAntwerpen!

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Novosanis is to be seen on the cover of the magazine Antwerp University.

We are very excited to present the story of our VAX-ID, which is an intradermal injection device. It is an easy to use device for intradermal vaccination, i.e. vaccination in the dermis, the skin layer underneath the epidermis or upper layer of the skin. Intradermal vaccination allows for an improved immune response. VAX-ID  is safe to use as needle-stick injuries are avoided through a unique deactivation mechanism. VAX-ID  can be used for both prophylactic and therapeutic intradermal vaccination. This device is currently in development stage.


About Novosanis

Novosanis designs and develops medical devices for a variety of applications, ranging from injection appliances to in vitro diagnostic accessories. Novosanis has two devices in its portfolio: VAX-ID, suited for injections of e.g. vaccines in the dermal layer of the skin and Colli-Pee, suited for collection of first void urine for detection of e.g. sexually transmitted infections and cancer.

Novosanis aims to improve health and patient care and to offer a better quality of life through sustainable innovative technologies. Novosanis is a spin-off company from the University of Antwerp and was founded March 2013. www.novosanis.com