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Intradermal injection

VAX-ID® is a suited for accurate intradermal injection and drug delivery. The skin consists of three layers: the outer layer or epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis or subcutaneous fat layer. The VAX-ID® platform is under development to allow use of different needle thicknesses (26G - 34G) and lengths for delivery of small volumes (0.05cc - 0.2cc per injection). The short and thin, almost invisible needle is considered an advantage for people with needle phobia and make people feel more at ease during the injection. Compared to the Mantoux technique which requires a high amount of training and difficult to standardize as it uses a regular needle and syringe to be inserted at an angle of 10 to 15°, VAX-ID® allows for a standardized and accurate injection and drug delivery perpendicular to the skin. Read more on intradermal injection

Prophylactic vaccination

VAX-ID® can be used for prophylactic intradermal vaccination. Prophylactic vaccines are used to prevent diseases: examples include vaccination against polio, rabies, human papilloma virus (HPV), influenza (flu), and hepatitis B. The dermis is an attractive site for injection and especially vaccination as the dermis is highly vascularized and contains numerous immune cells, including a high number of dendritic cells. Intradermal vaccination has three big advantages over intramuscular or subcutaneous vaccination: (1) an improved immune response to vaccine antigens; (2) potential reduction of antigen-dose, and (3) decreased anxiety and pain. Especially in elderly people improved immune responses have been described after intradermal flu vaccination.

Therapeutic vaccination

VAX-ID® allows therapeutic vaccination, vaccineswhich are used to treat diseases rather than prevent them. Examples include vaccines against cancer, infectious diseases, and auto-immune diseases. Therapeutic vaccines are typically administered at the site of indication: the therapeutic cervical cancer vaccine, for instance, is administered in the groin. VAX-ID® allows for a standardized and accurate injection at the site of infection and at various anatomic sites. Its unique design and possibility to use different short and thin needles to allow for injection of various vaccines.

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