Colli-Pee nominated by IWT awards

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Colli-Pee, A medical device developed by Novosanis, has been nominated by IWT Awards!


Colli-PeeTM by @Novosanis nominated for IWT Innovation Award

— FlandersBio (@FlandersBio) March 26, 2015


The Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) has nominated Colli-PeeTM, a first void urine collection device, developed by Novosanis in the category “major social relevance”. On Thursday 26th of March the winner will be announced. Novosanis is honored with this nomination.

The award ceremony will take place on March 26 and the winner will be announced by the Minister of Innovation Philippe Muyters at the Vaudeville Theater in Brussels, Belgium. “As Novosanis is a young spin-off company from the University of Antwerp, we had hoped for a nomination in the category ‘starter’, so being nominated for social relevance makes us even more proud. The support of IWT has allowed us to perform more profound research, build several prototypes, and execute usability tests in volunteers which ultimately led to obtaining the CE label. A number of clinical trials on detection of sexually transmitted infections (STI) in urine are currently ongoing throughout Europe and even in developing countries.“ says Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO Novosanis.

Novosanis has been developing this device for a couple of years now. The development started initially at the University of Antwerp by combining the expertise available at the Institute for Vaccines and Infectious Diseases and at the Department of Product Development. “Colli-PeeTM is a very user friendly device that can be used by both men and women. It has a smart architecture that allows capturing only the first 20ml of the urine current. Through the use of non-invasive sampling, more people could be reached for STI testing which will allow initiation of treatment earlier. The nomination by IWT acknowledges our efforts in improving health care for both patients and health care workers.” says Koen Beyers, CTO of Novosanis.

About Novosanis

Novosanis designs and develops medical devices for a variety of applications, ranging from injection appliances to in vitro diagnostic accessories. Novosanis has two devices in its portfolio: VAX-ID, suited for injections of e.g. vaccines in the dermal layer of the skin and Colli-Pee, suited for collection of first void urine which allows detection of e.g. sexually transmitted infections and cancer biomarkers.

Novosanis aims to improve health and patient care and to offer a better quality of life through sustainable innovative technologies. Novosanis is a spin-off company from the University of Antwerp and was founded March 2013.

About IWT Awards

"Every two year, in order to give the Flemish innovative companies the attention they deserve, the IWT organizes the presentation of the IWT Innovation Awards. These awards are given to SMEs that have successfully completed an IWT business project during the last five years." (