Webinar first-void urine & HPV genotyping

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Webinar Alex Vorsters
19 November 2020

First void urine & HPV genotyping - Two essential tools to monitor the impact of HPV vaccination programs.

Novosanis and Fujirebio kindly invite you to join the latest webinar with Prof. Alex Vorsters,Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination, Vaccine & Infectious Diseases, University of Antwerp.

Prof. Vorsters and his team work on biomarkers found in first void urine (initial urine flow) for improved diagnosis and monitoring of cervical (pre)cancer. The enormous potential of a first void urine sample becomes evident when we understand its composition. In fact, a female first void urine sample could also be called “A genital sample collected by urination”.

Prof. Vorsters will discuss:

  • Data confirming that improved collection of a first void urine sample as well as its immediate preservation have a major impact on HPV DNA detection
  • Results from a large HPV vaccination follow-up study
  • Important information on the impact of the vaccination program, provided by the use of a sensitive and full individual genotyping assay such as the INNO-LiPA HPV genotyping Extra II.


After the presentation a panel with Prof. Vorsters, David Faster (Sr. Product Manager at Novosanis) and Rebecca Millecamps (Marketing Manager at Fujirebio) will answer questions. Bring your questions to the live event or submit your questions now to ensure they will be properly addressed.

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Webinar on November 18, 4 PM CET