Timothi Van Mulder

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Timothi Van Mulder is appointed Clinical Affairs Manager and is responsible for the (pre)clinical studies necessary for the development and optimization of Novosanis’ VAX-ID drug delivery devices. He is also appointed Quality Manager.

Timothi Van Mulder, born in Belgium in 1987, has always been fascinated by technology, science and healthcare. Because he wanted to help people that are sick, underwent an operation, or have cancer, Timothi Van Mulder decided to study nursing. He obtained a bachelor degree at the Karel de Grote University College in 2009. Next, Timothi Van Mulder started to work in 2009 as an operating theatre nurse at AZ Monica Hospital in Antwerp, Belgium. For 5 years, Timothi Van Mulder, gained experience in this innovative technology healthcare environment where he was responsible for the clinical processes and logistics management of the vascular surgery. Additionally in combination with his job as operating theatre nurse Timothi Van Mulder started in 2009 a master education in Nursing and Obstetrics at the University of Antwerp. Timothi Van Mulder wanted to learn more about healthcare management and research, especially healthcare innovations were some of his interests. 

In 2012, Timothi Van Mulder successfully obtained a Master degree in Nursing and Obstetrics at the University of Antwerp. For his master thesis, he investigated the clinical applicability and potential of a new medical device. This development project was initiated by VAXINFECTIO (University of Antwerp) and Product Development (University of Antwerp) and financially supported by BiR&D (Belgian industrial Research and Development). Technological, clinical and business expertise was integrated by joining forces with two other master students from the Department of Product Development – University College Artesis (Ruben Camerlynck) and Commercial Engineering – Faculty of Applied Economics, University of Antwerp (Charlotte Reypens). The year after Timothi Van Mulder was also involved in the clinical trials for the Colli-Pee project. Timothi Van Mulder was assigned as mentor of Tina Van Hove (student, Master in Nursing and Obstetrics). He guided Tina and two other master students (Hanne De Bauw, Product Development & Ragnar Dienske, Philosophy) through the clinical approach for the development and evaluation of a first void urine collection device, 2Pi (later renamed to Colli-Pee).

July 2013, Timothi Van Mulder started as Researcher Medical Development and now works as Clinical Affairs Manager at Novosanis NV. Timothi Van Mulder is responsible for the (pre) clinical studies of the medical devices in development at Novosanis, which includes the organisation and management of the preclinical testing as setting up the clinical trials necessary for the further development and optimization of Novosanis’ devices. Additionally, Timothi Van Mulder works in close collaboration with the technical R&D team to obtain CE labelling for the Novosanis’devices. As Baekeland PhD student, he is working on the development of drug delivery devices suited for use in children and adolescents (PIDIC project funded by VLAIO). As Quality Manager, he is repsonsible for the quality management for Novosanis under ISO 13485.