Koen Beyers

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Koen Beyers is appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Novosanis. He obtained a Master degree in Industrial Design and Product Development at Artesis University College and is an expert in product innovation, engineering, design optimization and rapid prototyping. 

Koen is also founder and managing director of Voxdale, a design & engineering agency, and is working for clients in processing and automotive industries as well as in medical and aerospace sectors.

He co-founded Novosanis in March 2013. Koen is member of the board, and leading the R&D team. In his CTO position, he is managing new product development & design evolutions, material selection, regulatory affairs, design validation and manufacturing.

Koen Beyers started his career in august 1998 at the R&D department of Barco (visualization technologies for space, aerospace and medical appliances) as mechanical design engineer. From 2001 on, he was technology manager and responsible for new product architectures and technology integration.
Koen successfully managed dozens of technical and scientific projects and is co-inventor on a number of patent applications.
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