Novosanis receives Interreg CrossCare grant for its Colli-Pee™ device

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Interreg CrossCare grant

Novosanis is proud to receive a 200kEur grant from Interreg CrossCare. The grant allows Novosanis to build a next-generation Colli-Pee™ device optimized for postal delivery in collaboration with living labs Happy Aging (Belgium) and EIZT (the Netherlands).

Wijnegem, Belgium, April 4th 2017: Novosanis has received a grant from Interreg to provide the Colli-Pee™ device, as a non-invasive, user-friendly self-sampling device suited for home-based urine collection for online STI testing platforms. In particular, the Colli-Pee™ device allows for standardized collection of the first 20ml of the urine stream, so-called first-void urine in which STIs can be detected, among which Chlamydia trachomatisNeisseiria gonorreaMycoplasma genitalium, and Trichomonas. Thanks to the use of Colli-Pee™ the online platforms will offer a reliable test with self-sampling at home and postal sample delivery to (certified) laboratories which have access to multiple validated STI tests.

Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO Novosanis, says: “The next-generation of our Colli-Pee™ device will be optimized for postal delivery. This will have a major benefit for labs offering an online STI test platform in which the sampling materials are shipped to the patients’ homes and STI tests are performed on the urine sample upon receipt at the lab. Anonymity and discretion of home-based sampling will enlarge patient empowerment and will help them overcome stigmas and barriers for getting tested”.

The project entitled ‘Co-creation of an innovative and user-friendly device optimized for postal delivery and suited for standardized first-void urine collection’ kicked-off April 2017. Co-creation sessions and usability tests by the living labs Happy Ageing and EIZT next to input from postal services and potential customers during the project will optimize human centred design and commercial roll-out.