Welcoming new team members!

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As our company has reached a new stage and is generating first commercial sales of its Colli-Pee device, our team needed to grow to meet these new requirements. We proudly present our new team members. 

  1. Dimitri Aslanidis | Chief Production Officer & Medtech Development Manager
    Dimitri has grown expertise over the years in product-process-quality and has been assigned Chief Production Officer (CPO) and will also be bridging Design & Engineering with production as MedTech Development Manager.
  2. Joris Noreillie | CFO
    Joris pursues his passion for entrepreneurial finance. He brings his international corporate experience into a handful of start-up/scale-up companies on freelance basis.
  3. Pieter-Jan Delvaux |Business Developer
    Pieter-Jan will operate as a business developer for both Colli-Pee and VAX-ID. He will also be of importance in Regulatory Affairs as Novosanis will be exporting its products at an international level.

Have a look at their profiles on the team page.

We are very pleased to welcome all three of them to our team!