Novosanis supports Urology Week

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Urology week is an initiative from the European Association for Urology (EAU) that tries to raise awareness for urological care and its importance in improving quality of life. This week is dedicated to raising discussions, sharing experiences and introducing the new medical devices related to urology in hope to spread the word.

Urological cancers is the umbrella term for several types of cancers, including: testicular, kidney, bladder and prostate cancer, of which the latter is ranked the second most prevalent type of cancer worldwide (2014, WHO); so the burden for urological cancer care is real.

Novosanis supports Urology week. We currently have ongoing collaborations with diagnostic companies in order to detect prostate cancer biomarkers in first void urine, a non-invasive sample type. We believe our Colli-pee device, an easy-to-use self-sampling urine collector, could benefit detection of urological cancers, including prostate, bladder and kidney in first void urine. It’s simplicity but effectiveness is truly an advancement from current detection procedures as we are now able to collect urine in a manner that abides patient dignity and hence improves quality of life.

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