Novosanis to present at Knowledge for Growth 2015

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Novosanis, a medical device company and spin-off from the University of Antwerp, will present the latest scientific data on its award-winning devices Colli-Pee™ and VAX-ID™ at Knowledge for Growth on May 21 in Ghent, Belgium.

The Chief Executive Officer of Novosanis, Vanessa Vankerckhoven, will give a talk on ‘Delivery system for accurate injection of small volumes’ at Knowledge for Growth on May 20, 2015 in Ghent at 12:15. The talk will be part of the session ‘Nano meets Biotech’ which is chaired by Peter Simkens, Managing Director, DSP Valley. During her presentation Vanessa Vankerckhoven will address VAX-ID™, a device platform suited for intradermal injections, i.e. injections in the dermal layer of the skin thereby improving the immune response. Intradermal injection typically uses small volumes and can be used for vaccines and biologicals.  

Details of the Novosanis presentation are as follows:

  • Event: Knowledge for Growth
  • Date: May 21, 2015
  • Time: 12:15 – 12:30 CET
  • Location: ICC, Ghent, Belgium
  • Session: Bio meets Nano (Hubert & Jan van Eyck Breakout Room)

Novosanis also has two abstracts that have been accepted for poster presentation at Knowledge for Growth. Timothi Van Mulder, Researcher Medical Development and Baekeland PhD Fellow, will present data on adult skin thickness generated using high-frequency ultrasound (poster entitled ‘HF-ultrasound to assess skin thickness and accuracy of penetration depth of VAX-ID™’). Koen Beyers, Chief Technical Officer at Novosanis will present the latest data on the Colli-Pee™ device in his poster entitled ‘Accuracy of the volume of first void urine, using a newly developed collection device’.

Importantly, both Colli-Pee™ and VAX-ID™ will be on display at the VAXINFECTIO (UAntwerp) booth at Knowledge for Growth.

Novosanis is a young startup company and spin-off from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. The development of both devices started initially at the University of Antwerp by combining the expertise of the Institute for Vaccines and Infectious Diseases (VAXINFECTIO), department of Product Development and Voxdale, a design and engineering company based in Antwerp. Colli-Pee™ was recently launched commercially after obtaining CE-IVD. The device was also recently granted an Innovation Award for major social relevance by IWT (Agency for Innovation by Science and technology) last month. To set-up sales & export for its Colli-Pee™ device, Novosanis is currently recruiting a Sales & Export Manager. VAX-ID™ is still in development (partially funded by IWT) and the device platform expected to be launched in about 2 to 5 years. The device received the Belgian James Dyson award last year.

About Novosanis

Novosanis designs and develops medical devices for a variety of applications, ranging from injection appliances to in vitro diagnostic accessories. Novosanis has two devices in its portfolio: VAX-ID, suited for injections of e.g. vaccines in the dermal layer of the skin and Colli-Pee, suited for collection of first void urine which allows detection of e.g. sexually transmitted infections and cancer biomarkers.

About Knowledge for Growth

Themed ‘A life sciences-driven network economy, looking beyond borders’, Knowledge for Growth 2015 will be jam-packed with captivating lectures and panel discussions.

Major challenges in healthcare? The future of agriculture? The latest trends in industrial biotech? Featuring four high-level plenary talks – Peter Piot (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Young Sohn (Samsung Electronics) Kemal Malik (Bayer AG) and Paul Stoffels (Johnson & Johnson) – an industry-wide panel discussion and 30+ keynote lectures from leading companies and academics, `Knowledge for Growth’ provides vital insight into the global life sciences landscape.

The conference will be held on May 21, 2015 at ICC in Ghent, Belgium.

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