Novosanis is looking for volunteers!

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If you're wondering what your skin looks like on an ultrasound image, you can enroll for our clinical trial.

In collaboration with Antwerp University, Novosanis is conducting research on thickness of the skin layers of the upper and lower arm. Novosanis is developing an intradermal injection device platform, VAX-IDTM, which will enable doctors and nurses to accurately carry out injections in the dermal layer of the skin. Interestingly, the injection will not cause pain for the patient, because of the short and thin needle. Knowledge of the skin layers (epidermis or dermis) is required to determine the appropriate needle length of the intradermal injection device.

If you are interested to volunteer, please fill in the form. After participation you will receive a gift card of €15.

More info on the following page. Please make sure to check the age table, because some target groups are already sufficiently present.


Looking forward to meeting you at our study site!
Novosanis research team