Eurogin 2019: An event to remember

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Eurogin 2019

Early December, our team was present with a booth at Eurogin in Monaco, an international conference focusing on Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It was an exciting conference to be at, where we learned about the latest scientific developments in the field of cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases.

Some topics discussed were HPV screening methods, strategies to prevent the infection as well as the use of the HPV vaccination.

Urine, in particular, first-void urine, as a potential to screen for cervical cancer was discussed at length at the event. Additionally, results of various studies using our device, Colli-Pee® were also presented at several scientific, free communications and poster sessions:

  • Scientific Session – First-void urine as a biomarker source for primary and secondary cancer prevention

-This session was chaired by A. Vorsters (Belgium) and R. Steenbergen (Netherlands), and focussed on first-void urine as a biomarker source for cancer prevention. Some themes included the potential of urine to monitor impact of HPV vaccination programs presented by I. Baussano , as well as the rationale and potential of using urine samples in cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination programs presented by A. Vorsters. During this session updates were shared by S. Van Keer on VALHUDES, a study set up in Belgium since December 2017, which compares the clinical sensitivity and specificity of self-sampling devices including Colli-Pee® for HPV detection with clinician-taken samples. Additionally, other topics looked at the accuracy of hrHPV urine testing presented by E. Peeters and M. Arbyn M. and human methylation markers found in urine presented by R. Steenbergen.

  • Scientific Session – HPV and molecular testing of self-collected samples

- This session was chaired by A. Lorincz (UK) and C. Meijer (Netherlands). It included presentations by S. Van Keer on the first results of the VALHUDES study and the accuracy of HPV testing in cervical cancer screening by E. Peeters. Results of the P5.1 study, a comparison of HPV and methylation tests on different self-sampling devices was presented by J. Cuzick and principles of validation for HPV testing on self-samples (devices, media, tests) was presented by M. Arbyn.

  • Free Communications – Self-Sampling (II/III) and Molecular markets (I)

The Self-Sampling (II) session was chaired by W. Melchers (Netherlands). The presentation by C. Payan compared home-based sampling methods, both vaginal and first-void urine as a tool to increase participation in cervical cancer screening programs. Another topic by L. Téblick discussed the optimal volume of first-void urine needed to detect various biomarkers. M. Martinelli presented the accuracy of HPV testing on vaginal and urine self-samples to predict residual/recurrent disease in women treated for high-grade cervical dysplasia.

- The Self-Sampling (III) session was chaired by O.Forslund (Sweden) and C. Payan (France). One topic presented by D. Vanden Broeck compared high risk HPV status in first-void urine collected by Colli-Pee® with physician-collected cervical specimens.

- The Molecular markers (I) session was chaired by T. Broker (USA) and K. Cuschieri (UK). The first results from the VALHUDES study were presented by S. Van Keer.

  • Posters – Several posters mentioned first-void urine 

- HPV Screening:

1. Basic study of whether detection of HPV-DNA in the first-void urine is useful as a marker of cervical HPV infection presented by T. Wada.

- Self-sampling:

1. Performance evaluation of INNO-LIPA® HPV genotyping extra II on first-void urine collected with Colli-Pee® presented by N. Riems.

2. Standardized and volumetric collection of first-void urine for detection of STIs and HPV: A comparison between Colli-Pee® and a standard urine cup presented by N. Meers.

Eurogin has given us the opportunity to further share our knowledge and potential of urine in the world of HPV testing with industry experts and leading healthcare professionals. Our booth was well-visited, and it was a fruitful session. We come home with exciting updates in the field.

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