Congratulations Timothi!

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Timothi Van Mulder, researcher medical development at Novosanis, succesfully applied for Baekeland funding at the Institute for Science and Technology (IWT). This will allow Timothi to conduct a PhD on intradermal injection in children and adolescents.

The PhD research will be performed in close collaboration with University of Antwerp as well as KU Leuven, under supervision of Prof Dr Heidi Theeten, Prof Dr Pierre van Damme from the University of Antwerp and Prof Dr Vanessa Vankerckhoven as industrial promotor at Novosanis.

What's IWT?

IWT is the government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology. They help Flemish companies and research centres in realizing their research and development projects by offering them financial funding, advice and a network of potential partners in Flanders and abroad. They also support the Flemish Government in its innovation policy.