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5 prostate cancer facts (infographic)
Urine as sample type is exciting in prostate cancer research.
Protein detection in urine (infographic)
Proteins have shown to act as a potential biomarker for several diseases, including cancers. Urine as a sample type is exciting in proteomics research. Read more about first-void urine as a non-invasive liquid biopsy source to detect vaccine-induced human papillomavirus antibodies.
Ovarian cancer facts (infographic)
Urine sampling: A non-invasive way to improve diagnostic efficiency for ovarian cancer
World DNA day (infographic)
The study of various ''omics'' in urine offers potential for disease detection and monitoring . DNA and DNA modifications are particularly interesting in cancer research . Download the infographic below
5 facts about cervical cancer
Our latest infographic shares 5 facts about cervical cancer. Urine as a sample type can increase screening participation and reach more women.
Gynecological cancer (infographic)
The World Health Organization (WHO) envisions a world without cervical cancer . Novosanis supports this goal. Urine sampling for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a common cause of cervical cancer, has the potential to reach more women, especially those who do not participate in traditional screening...
Prostate cancer biomarkers facts (infographic)
June marks Men's Health Month. Urine contains several biomarker candidates for Prostate Cancer (PCa) including prostate cancer cells, DNA, RNA, proteins, exosomes and other small molecules. Read more about prostate cancer and urine . Download the infographic below
Cervical cancer screening infographic
June 15 to 21 marked Cervical Cancer Awareness Week. Check out our latest infographic to learn some quick and interesting facts about cervical cancer . HPV urine sampling can change the way cervical cancer is detected and monitored . Download the infographic below
4 ovarian cancer facts (infographic)
March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Diagnosing ovarian cancer at the earliest possible stage can dramatically improve survival rates . The potential role of urine as a sample type is being investigated in disease detection. Download the infographic below
World condom day (infographic)
It's World Condom Day. Correct use of condoms can help prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STI's).
World cancer day (infographic)
It's World Cancer Day. Liquid Biopsies, including urine sampling have several advantages over other methods and offer a unique solution to detect cancers . Check out our latest infographic to learn more. Download the infographic below
Prostate cancer infographic
It’s Men's Health Awareness Month . Click through our infographic series focused on prostate cancer ( part 1 , part 2 ) to learn about the disease, methods of detection and how urine is a promising sample type in field. Download the infographic below