Els Verhulst

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Els Verhulst, with a bio-engineering and MBA education, is an entrepreneur with proven experience in both the public and private sector. For Novosanis, she is appointed Business Development Manager for Asia. 

Els Verhulst is CEO and founder of E.L. Consulting and Trading Co. Ltd (Japan).  With over 25 years of professional activity in the private sector in Japan and Asia, she has 15 years hands-on experience in international business and export promotion for SMEs in Asia, through customized business development, effective communication, marketing and advertising, event participation and legal and technical product development assistance.  Having worked with European SMEs for many years, Els Verhulst has a clear understanding of the problems encountered, the limitations SMEs face, the gap in business culture between the EU and Japan/Asia, the hurdles that need to be taken and the real needs that exist on the SME level. She has also more than 15 years’ experience in SMEs promotional activities and organizing governmental economic missions to Japan.

In the public sector, she has supported and participated to international trade-related projects funded by the European Union, the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation, the Belgian Regional Governments and the Luxembourg Government; and has specialist expertise in international trade and investment, strategy development and SMEs export promotion.

Els Verhulst is a Board Member of the Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BLCCJ), a deputy member of the Executive Operating Board of the European Business Council (EBC), and she is also appointed as an Expert on Trade and SMEs by the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation.