Infectious diseases

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This poster compared different assays to measure HPV antibodies in urine.
This poster investigated whether the first-void collection volume has an effect on the detection of human and viral DNA endpoints and evaluated different DNA extraction protocols.
The poster compares high risk HPV positivity rates and viral loads of self-collected vaginal samples and urine collected with Colli-Pee ® .
The publication investigates the presence of HPV-specific antibody transudates from systemic circulation in first-void urine of (un)vaccinated subjects and the agreement with paired sera. Partners: University of Antwerp, VAXINFECTIO, DKFZ, Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic, Unit Gynaecologic Oncology...
This white paper summarizes current literature and discusses the possibilities of urine in detection of various sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Urine, in particular, first-void urine collected through Colli-Pee ® has shown great promise in screening of various infections including CT, NG,...
The publication compares the STI test results obtained with the urine collected in the clinic, versus self-collected urine with Colli-Pee® at home by Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in Belgium. Further, evaluation of the user-friendliness and acceptability of the Colli-Pee device.
The poster focuses on discovering if the Papilloma Strip assay is compatible with self-collected UCM preserved first-void urine samples.
This poster compares the detection of Zika virus (ZIKV) RNA in both plasma and first-void urine samples from symptomatic cases clinically diagnosed in remote areas of Ecuador.
The publication describes the effect of a first generation first-void (FV) urine collection device and variation between morning collection and collection during the day.
The poster focuses on developing a protocol for DNA extraction from first-void urine (FVU) and evaluation of the performance with the INNO-LiPA ® HPV Genotyping Extra II compared to cervical samples.
The publication compares the clinical sensitivity and specificity of particular high risk HPV assay(s) on vaginal self-samples and first-void-urine, collected in agreement with standardized protocols, with high risk HPV testing on matched clinician-taken samples.
The poster determines whether the INNO-LIPA ® HPV Genotyping Extra II is compatible with DNA extractions from Colli-Pee ® collected, UCM preserved urine samples.