Colli-Pee recognized at the prestigious Henry Van de Velde Awards

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Henry Van de Velde Awards

Novosanis and Voxdale have been awarded the prestigious Henry Van de Velde Award in Design for Healthcare.

Wijnegem, Belgium, February 1st 2018:
Colli-Pee™,  Novosanis’ innovative urine sampling device has won the Henry Van de Velde Award, the largest design awards in Belgium. The product is a result of the strong collaboration between two Belgian organizations, Novosanis, a MedTech company and Voxdale, a Design and Engineering Agency. Also, governmental support from VLAIO has been vital in the design and development trajectory.
An international jury and over 1400 design professionals selected the winner based on various criteria. Products were awarded for best design in 10 different categories including Healthcare, Communication, and Everyday Life. Novosanis is proud to have been recognized with the award in Healthcare and to become part of Belgium’s rich design history.
“Colli-Pee™ enables the standardized collection of first-void urine by both men and women in a super user-friendly way. First-void urine is highly concentrated, allowing improved detection of several biomarkers. This opens new opportunities in the medical world to detect infectious diseases and early stage cancers in a non-invasive way. All relevant to create a patient and user-centric and sustainable health care system.” says Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO of Novosanis.
“The smart and unique mechanical design of the product permits initial urine to be captured and creates a passage for superfluous fluid to directly pass into the toilet, without disrupting flow. This was the key challenge in standardizing the sample which of course is very important to create an accurate test. Voxdale is very pleased with its contribution in the success story of Colli-Pee™ and the recognition of our design and simulation skills in MedTech and Healthcare in general.” stated Koen Beyers, CEO of Voxdale.

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