Isolation, characterization and stabilization of urinary Extracellular vesicles (EVs) and EV RNA

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Arora et al, ISLB 2020 (poster)

Aim: Develop and evaluate a novel urinary analyte stabilizer for urinary extra-cellular vesicles (EV’s) and extra cellular RNA

Partners: DNA Genotek Ottawa, Novosanis Wijnegem

Results: Various urine fractions (first morning first void, first morning midstream & random first void) collected using Colli-Pee device (Novosanis) showed no significant difference in the EV RNA content.  The total EV concentration appears to be both donor and extraction method dependent. DNA Genotek’s novel proprietary urinary analyte stabilizer (UAS) preserves the detection of urinary EV RNA for 7 days at RT.


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