Colli-Pee Large Volumes

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Colli-Pee Large Volumes

Colli-Pee Large Volumes variant is designed to allow a larger volume of urine to be collected. Currently, the Colli-Pee Large Volumes variant is for research use only.

Colli-Pee Large Volumes allows multi-omic testing and identification of biomarkers

For some applications, including detection and monitoring of cancers, as well as new biomarker development, a larger volume of urine is required. Larger volumes are also needed in cases where concentration of analyte is low.

Additionally, Colli-Pee Large Volumes supports multi-omics research, allowing several experiments to be run on the same sample, potentially providing a full disease landscape.

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Urine Stability

Analytes present in urine can act as a tool to improve detection of infectious diseases, to uncover the molecular landscape of tumors in cancer and to research the human microbiome.

However, given the possibility of microbial proliferation in urine as well as the labile nature of host analytes (extracellular vesicles, RNA, cell free DNA…) at the point of sample collection and transport, methods to stabilize urine samples are necessary.  

In clinical practice, on the one hand, where samples are often collected at different hospital sites and sent to central laboratories for testing, a preservative would allow for sample batching and transport at room temperature.

Alternatively, in studies searching for urinary analytes, which are rapidly expanding in cohort sizes, a preservative would allow for at-home collection and facilitate large-scale recruitment.

Novosanis and its wider team are working on stabilization solutions for different urinary analytes to allow for improved storage and transport of urine at ambient temperature.

The combination of the Colli-Pee platform with a preservative for urine stabilization is  game-changing in the field of urine-based diagnostic testing.

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