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We are looking for an experienced Manager to run sales & export within Novosanis for our Colli-Pee. Send your resume (CV) & motivation letter to our CEO Vanessa Vankerckhoven
Colli-Pee , A medical device developed by Novosanis, has been nominated by IWT Awards!
Be sure to check out our Z Life Science story of March 2015!
Interested in finding out what your skin looks like on an ultrasound image? Novosanis is looking for volunteers to have their skin scanned by ultrasound. More info here .
Novosanis proudly presents its recently CE-labelled Colli-Pee device which is now ready for the market.
Timothi Van Mulder , researcher medical development at Novosanis, succesfully applied for Baekeland funding at the Institute for Science and Technology (IWT). This will allow Timothi to...
In this month's edition of the Flemish magazine "Ondernemers" (Entrepreneurs) by Voka, our CEO Vanessa Vankerckhoven proudly presents our 2 products Colli-Pee & VAX-ID.
Read the story of our VAX-ID now in the magazine of Antwerp University! We're on the cover page!
Detection of sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia and Human Papilloma Virus which can cause cervical cancer will soon be more effective and user-friendly thanks to a new device...
Innotek supports and guides new business initiatives like Novosanis a while ago. They are an important partner in our development and we would like to thank them for their recent press item.