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Background and objectives

Novosanis is a medical device company and spin-off from the University of Antwerp. Novosanis currently has two medical devices (Colli-Pee & VAX-ID) in development, a device suited for intradermal injection of e.g. vaccines and a device suited for volumetric collection of first-void urine for better detection of sexually transmitted infections and cancer. 
As a master student, you will contribute to the technical and/or clinical development of medical devices and of mapping of all the technical and clinical aspects necessary for regulatory authorities. Important requirements for masterstudents at Novosanis, are for example hardworking, self-motivated, innovative, creative, good leaderships skills and enjoying working in teams.

Topic thesis

Development of a medical device suited for intradermal injections of lyophilized biologicals and vaccines.

Research goals (depending on background focus on technical or clinical)

•    State of the art intradermal devices & lyophilized drugs
•    Technical development and technical verification
•    (Pre)Clinical validation
•    Preparation files for regulatory authorities (CE label, FAGG, EMA, FDA)

Methods (depending on background focus on technical or clinical)

•    Overview state of the art through literature surveys and patent searches 
•    Technical verification using imaging technology in skin samples, next modeling and simulation work, mechanical testing and small technical set-ups to assess needles, reservoirs, …
•    (Pre)Clinical validation in animal models and healthy volunteers
•    Compliance with ISO13485

How to apply

Send your cv and motivation letter to Nancy Kemland 

Contact details

Novosanis NV
Bijkhoevelaan 32c

BE-2110 Wijnegem
T: +32 3 485 50 16