Hepatitis B Proof of Concept study

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Aim: Assessment of immunogenicity and safety of intradermal injection of HepatitisB vaccine antigen using VAX-ID

Partners: University of Antwerp (Product Development, VAXINFECTIO), Voxdale bvba, Novosanis nv

  • 48 healthy volunteers, aged 18-35 years
  • Inclusion criterium: known HBV titers at baseline
  • Comparison route of administration (ID and IM) and ID administration (Mantoux technique and VAX-ID™)

Conclusion: Intradermal adminstration of HepatitisB vaccine resulted in higher immune responses compared to intramuscular administration. Mild solicited local reactions after ID injections were most likely caused by the aluminum adjuvans. VAX-ID was thus shown to be effective for ID injections using HepatitisB vaccine and even superior to IM.