Joris Noreillie

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Joris Noreillie is appointed CFO at Novosanis. He holds a Master in Applied Economics from Antwerp University (2002) and added a Master in Finance a year later. During his professional career he completed an executive MBA program (Vlerick Business School) in 2014 with honors.

Joris always worked in finance, first as an auditor, later as financial analyst. For over 8 years, he operated as a business controller in the Medical Devices sector (Gambro, a company which was bought in 2013 by Baxter). This job allowed him, among others, to connect to the Key Accounts and work on Gambro’s main business cases. In 2010, Joris moved to Sweden to join the company’s HQ. After that, he was sent to Emerging Markets to fill in the role of Business Controller in countries like Poland, Turkey, Russia, Baltics, Israel and ex-Yugoslavia, often with a local team. In this fast-paced, high risk environment, he ran a number of projects and finally led the integration with Baxter.

After the MBA, Joris decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurial finance. He is bringing his international corporate experience into a handful of start-up/scale-up companies. Typically he comes on board to help out on fundraising activity and, at the same time, set up the financial department, reporting and governance.