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VAX-ID guaranteed intradermal injection

VAX-IDTM is a patented and award-winning easy to use platform of injection devices suited for accurate and painless drug delivery in the dermis, the skin layer underneath the epidermis or upper layer of the skin. Intradermal injection allows for an improved immune response due to its targeted drug delivery. The unique and game-changing injection system is highly user-friendly. VAX-IDTM can be used for both prophylactic and therapeutic intradermal vaccination as well as for anti-allergic drugs, dermatological products and other substances suited for injection in the skin. The VAX-IDTM platform is semi-customizable and allows for injection of different volumes, use of different needle thicknesses and length depending on the application. 

Awards: 'Best of PO' in 2012, 'BiR&D Award' in 2012 & 'Belgian James Dyson Award' in 2014

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